We have an impressive track record of achievement in the specific strategic challenges of ambitious, dynamic businesses.

Our areas of strategy expertise are outlined below. We also provide executive training and coaching in strategic development.

Strategic Planning and Investments

  • Tick in square Business strategy and planning review
  • Tick in square International strategy
  • Tick in square Capital investment decisions

Production and Supply Chain

  • Tick in square Core competence development
  • Tick in square International footprint and sourcing
  • Tick in square Strategic supply partnerships

Sales and Marketing

  • Tick in square Strategic marketing plans
  • Tick in square Diversification strategy
  • Tick in square Branding and identity

Technology and Innovation

  • Tick in square Technology strategy
  • Tick in square Digitalisation and Industry 4.0
  • Tick in square New product/process innovation

Corporate Development

  • Tick in square Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • Tick in square Post-merger integration
  • Tick in square Corporate venturing

Training & Coaching

  • Tick in square How to lead strategy workshops
  • Tick in square Latest strategy tools
  • Tick in square Executive coaching

Strajectory is Publisher of Strategy Workshop Toolkit:

Strategy Workshop Toolkit: How to ‘herd cats’ and create breakthrough strategies
Paul Christodoulou 2008
Available on Amazon.

strategy workshop toolkit

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