Our inclusive, collaborative approach to strategy development is appropriate to a wide range of businesses and we have worked in many sectors and business contexts. Four case studies are outlined below as representative of the range.


This pumps company needed to extend from a product business into a solutions provider due to aggressive competition. Through strategy workshops and focused research, we devised a strategy for developing solutions offerings and close-to-market configuration capability.

The company improved profits by 30% in 3 years.



This industrial gases company was concerned about the impact of new systems technology on its core business. We helped the team to map out most likely technology trends and to align these with their product, market and operations strategy.

The company has seized first mover advantage on introducing breakthrough technology.



This global leader in toys was undergoing a major business turnaround. Working closely with the executive team, we devised a global operations strategy to support ambitious growth plans. These plans have now been implemented. The company has doubled in size in 5 years and is likely to enjoy similar ongoing growth.


We worked closely with this food packaging supplier to define a global production approach that reinvested in critical internal competences, developed strategic supply partners and outsourced standard items for lowest cost. This enabled improved access to emerging markets at reduced cost while protecting sensitive product and process know-how.

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